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Action Learning...

Do you need more “aha moments”? Seeking inspiration from peers? Finding remote working a bit of a drag at times? 


A safe and supportive space where you can share your challenges and soak in the wisdom of peers, all while sipping on a cup of warm, collaborative spirit. Think of it as peer coaching with a delightful side-helping of action planning and reflection.

Action Learning Sets are a place to do the work – have permission to step away from the emails and connect with others. A group of people helping you to solve workplace problems.  You will come away with a set of realistic actions that will help you to understand and potentially solve issues you face.


Facilitated by Emma, ILM accredited to deliver action learning sets and trained with Action Learning Associates. Emma has 20+ years working in research and consultancy roles.

Freelancers and consultants working with non profits (in person)

Who is this for?

This Action Learning Set is aimed at people who work with non profits (charities, NGOs, social enterprises).   Would you like to come together with others working in a similar way to talk through the issues you are facing in your work and jointly identify some next steps? If so, this Set is for you.


What will it be like?

Meeting 5 times, 4 in person (London location); 1 remote. 

Currently signing up for March – July 2024 

Freelancer, consultants and micro-businesses (online)

Who is this for?

This set would would suit freelancer and consultants working in the non-profit space. Perhaps you work on social, environmental or economic justice. Perhaps you'd like to share challenges with other like-minded folk. Perhaps you have a few knotty issues that you'd like to work through in a structured way and you'd value diverse perspectives.

What will it be like?

Five online sessions

Currently signing up for online Action Learning Set launching 20th September 2024

Date sessions are

2024: Sept 20th, Nov 8th, Dec 11th / 2025: Jan 24th, Feb 28th 

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice."

Reg Revans, the founder of Action Learning

Women in Consulting

Who is this for?

As it says on the tin…women who work in consultancy!

Sign up coming in 2024

Small Business Owners

Who is this for?

Business owners from a range of sectors, at a variety of stages, whether it is startups or more established businesses looking to grow and innovate.

Sign up coming in 2024

Third-sector Practitioners

In Development

Sign up coming in 2024

Third-sector Managers

In Development

Sign up coming in 2024

People Developing Trauma-Aware and Trauma-Informed Practice

In Development

Sign up coming in 2024

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