Emma Roberts

Emma is a researcher and evaluator who believes that research should be driven by the needs and the voices of the people that projects and policies are intended to serve - services users, beneficiaries, communities, citizens.  Emma spends her days listening and finding innovative ways of bringing policy makers, project managers, board members and other busy people closer to the experiences of the people they serve.
Emma takes a predominantly qualitative approach to her work, with a focus on ethnographic methods– really getting to know communities, what works for them and where they experience pain or challenge.  Emma has led research projects for national charities about loneliness, child sexual exploitation, poverty alleviation, mental health of asylum-seeking children, gun and knife crime and alternative education.  She loves the diversity of her work but has a passion for projects that support women and girls.
Emma Roberts is founder of SocialQual and a director of Cloud Chamber.  She has over 15 years experience in research and consultancy


The Collective

Emma works with a number of associates on a project-by-project basis.  This enables SocialQual to get the best team on the job - our Associate skills include: quantitative research, telephone surveys, market insight, infographic design, video reporting and a great group of qualitative researchers with a passion for the non-profit sector. Working with freelancers gives our clients the best minds without the high financial cost of city-based agencies