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For our longer term evaluations SocialQual can work alongside Makerble, integrating this real-time data collection platform – each beneficiary, service user, practitioner, project manager, director, funder, trustee has the option of a Makerble profile.  This allows all your stakeholders the chance to tell their story - to log in, record participation, progress and experience in real-time. It allows stakeholders access to output, outcome and impact data. It gives us impact findings as-we-go-along. And crucially it helps you understand what is working, what is not working and what people feel about your project.  SocialQual can help you design a Theory of Change to get the most out of Makerble.  We can also dive deep into the issues that matter to your beneficiaries and practitioners, giving them a space to tell their stories whether that’s a focus group, an online discussion board, in-depth interviews or ethnographic studies.  Here at SocialQual we love Makerble and are looking forward to working with charities to implement it.

Dr. Penny Bernstock

Penny Bernstock is Head of Education and Society. She was previously Head of Sociology and Social Policy and Reader in urban regeneration at the University of East London. 
She has published extensively on affordable housing, urban regeneration, the legacy of London 2012 and community care implementation. Her PhD explored the extent to which markets were more able to respond to differentiated need than bureaucratically planned services through a case study of service provision for older African Caribbean people.
She was previously Director of the Centre for East London Studies. She has lead a number of research and evaluation projects. She is committed to actively engaging with local communities and is Trustee at Ashford Place and co-chair of Newham Citizens Olympic Legacy Committee.

Marnie Freeman

Marnie is a social and market insights specialist, who loves working with diverse charities. Her expertise lies in research with children, young people and families and she’s managed research and evaluation projects across health, mental health, education policy and practice, child protection,  fundraising, international development, nature and the outdoors, social care, risk taking behaviour. Marnie loves it when clients want to truly listen to young people’s perspectives: change rooted in understanding. With an academic background in anthropology and development, and a career that has put participation and ethnography at its heart, Marnie has helped Government to change policy, NGOs to develop new campaigns, and local charities to reach wider audiences with their calls to action and fundraising needs. Some clients include: BBC, Save the Children, NSPCC,  Lumos, RNLI, DfE, NHS and GOSH.