Qualitative Research and Insight

Your challenge: you need to provide the best possible services.  To do this you need to understand your service users, your customers.  What makes them tick? What causes them pain? What do they need? It can be tricky to answer these questions when you are so involved in the day-to-day delivery of your services. Perhaps you don't have the time, don't have the skills or don't have the independence to ask the questions that matter.

Our solution: We work hard to get inside the heads and hearts of your clients, customers, stakeholders, beneficiaries - basically, the people who matter to you. We design and deliver focus groups, ethnography and immersion, online qual, depth interviews, case studies, customer segmentation and personas.

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​Your challenge: your organisation is doing a decent job but are keen to learn how to improve, how to achieve more impact, how to be more efficient. Perhaps you need to prove your impact to your funders or to make a business case for further investment. You are busy running your services and need an evaluation and impact expert to support you

Our solution: We are on your side. We want to help you achieve more and often that needs a fresh pair of eyes (or two!). SocialQual provides impact assessment, process evaluation and implementable recommendations.  We can work with you to design project logic models, provide formative and/or summative evaluations. Always rooted in the experiences of those who matter most - your beneficiaries. 

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Creative reporting and capacity building

​Your challenge: your budget is tight and you don't want to spend valuable resource on research that will sit in a drawer or on a shelf

Our solution: thought provoking and impactful reports that help your organisation understand your users/customers experience and take the steps to improve. We will work with you to build research and evaluation capacity from project ideation through to completion. We can work with you in an immersive way or a light-touch way - let's discuss how we can work together.